The Final Act

When we go to the
court, when we go before the King’s
eye, even more than most,
we must stay humble;
take the bearing of a servant.
Then, you and I,
as best we can,
will do what will scarcely
be believed.  We’ll not spare
a single tear, not a
dry eye left within a minute.

They cannot but
grant our request.  Then I’ll
plead for us to be
together with
each other.  Then you,
my dear, by
all your charm and
grace, will softly bid good bye
to the king, or,
tarry here midst the court, else
some might think you crushed by the
torments of the devil’s
deeds.  When we’ve seen what will be,
to our chambers we’ll go and in
those rooms there’ll be an end to it.

The above is a poem of the form of a “golden shovel”.  It need not rhyme nor have any meter.  The only rule is that the last word of each line be another poem in order as it was written.  The above poem uses Robert Burns’  “Answer to an Invitation”.


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