Ode to my car

You take me where I want to go.
You get me there and back again.
How I feel for you, no one can know.
T’your engine’s purr I like to listen.

You served me well when times were lean.
When funds were tight you were my home.
We traveled far for the sights we’ve seen
And all the places we used to roam.

The times we had when things went well
The shopping trips ‘cross the border
Just to see what foreigners sell
Our run-ins with law and order

Just you and me camping at the lake
A blanket and you for my tent
Up on your hood to evade a snake
Then I’d air you out from a skunks scent


This is my response to two different challenges.  One was to write a love poem about an inanimate object, and the other to write about something that makes me smile.



Filed under NaPoWriMo

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