bold thing and old

Do I do as I’m told?
Or should I do my own thing?
Should I break from the mold?

Prove that I’m bold
My own song to sing
My soul shall never be sold

No matter how often they scold
I will mend my broken wing
I’ve myself to uphold

Give me your hand to hold
I’ll make you feel like a king
You and I will never grow old

We’ll build our own stronghold
Enclosed within a fiery ring
Never to fear the nasty kobold

Safe together in our freehold
We can listen to bells ding
Without worry for whom they tolled

Nice and secure in this household
To each other we can cling
When the nights are damp and cold

From you I’ll never withhold
Not even the slightest pretending
All will be as I’ve foretold


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