five books, five points of view

Ducks in the reeds hiding their nests
Have no fear of dragons nearby
They know that they cannot change fate
No matter how hard they might try
So they try to entice their guests
To hear the ducklings cry “feed us
The Teachings of Epictetus”

The gosling in the nest with them
Does not fare near so well as they
Smart as a whip, sharp as a knife
He has his own outlook on life
We make our own fate he likes to say
He is The Ugly Little Boy

The man on the shore knows naught of this
Do as you want, not what your told
Till the time when your soul is cold.
In the bayou it’s hard to miss
The warm fire at Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The tiger burning in the night
Knows quite well his dreadful looks
And believes that might makes right
And does not trust The Jungle Books

If you’ve still faith in this old rock
Keep an eye on the clock
Lest you get Future shock


The napowrimo challenge for today is the use the first five songs on your playlist, or that you hear on the  radio, in the lines of a poem. In lieu of songs I used the first five book titles I saw.


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