Musical Croissants

I’ve been following for challenges to my writing ability.  Saturdays challenge was to take a solid object, look it up on Wikipedia or some other dictionary/encyclopedia and replace the name of that object with an intangible idea.

For my poem I clicked the random article button till I found a common noun and then again till I found a common idea.  In this case music replaces croissant.

Music is a buttery flaky pastry known for its crescent shape.
Music has been made since the middle ages and possibly since antiquity.
Music can be made with nuts or other fillings.
Music can have jam filling

This led me to a rough draft of:

Music can butter up the jaded lover
It can cover up a flaky personality
Commonly played under a crescent moon
Some music dates back to middle ages
And some all the way to antiquity
It’s made with nuts and for the fillies
Many musicians like to jam

And the “final” product looks like:

Music butters up the jaded lover
Even for one who behaves flaky
Frequently played under a crescent moon
It stirs the spirit like no other
And tells the heart wakey-wakey
It helps your sweetheart fall in a swoon

Some songs are from the middle ages
And some use verses from antiquity
While some is modern hard and fast
The writers like to think they’re sages
Playing in dens of iniquity
Wanting their music to last

While it can be made with nuts
And played to get the fillies
It’s not meant to lead off the lamb
It seems I’ve gotten in a rut
This poem should be getting silly
Won’t you help me with my jam?


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