Dandelions are Flowers Too


I asked for a bunch of flowers
I ended up with dandelions
So much for April showers
They always leave me sighin’

I asked for a pretty necklace
I got one made of candy
At least it went with my dress
But at the beach it got sandy

I asked for a fancy bracelet
He gave me one made of plastic
This gift could get wet
But I’m allergic to the elastic

I asked for a brand new outfit
He got one at a thrift shop
It was a lacy little knit
It had a big hole in the top

I asked for a diamond ring
He won one from a gumball machine
It looks amazingly eye-catching
I really like how it gleams

This is how our romance went
No matter how rich you are
It isn’t how much money’s spent
It’s the fun you have near and far



Filed under NaPoWriMo

2 responses to “Dandelions are Flowers Too

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