The Row Boat

Two girls out in a row-boat
Trying to get to where the buoy floats
All alone out on a great lake
Of this deed they wanted to gloat

But when the waves started to break
They must turn back for their own sake
A storm was brewing the sky grew dark
There was more than just pride at stake

They tried to row back to the park
The situation grew quite stark
If they made it back alive
To their parents they would hark

They took turns on the drive
Of their lives to survive
Tired and sore and near their end
To the bay they finally arrived

Their family was there a hand to lend
So the boat on the rocks would not rend
This is where I end my note
With two young girls on the mend.

This is not the first time I’ve told this tale, but it is the first time in verse.  The poem needs a lot of polishing, but it is flash poetry after all.  I wrote this today as a response to the daily prompt challenge as well as the challenge.

Fortunately, things turned out better for these two young girls than they did for the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Possibly because it was the next lake over and the storm was much smaller.



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