If I Had to Do It Again (part 1)

If I had to do it again
If I had to start all over
I would learn to use my hands
Just as much as I use my head

If I had to use my hands
I’d put them to excellent use
I think I’d like to learn a trade
That’s the path I’d like to tread

If I had to learn a trade
I’d make something that people need
I get hungry, I need to eat
Perhaps I’d learn to bake some bread

If I had some bread to eat
I’d make so much that I could share
I’d give some to each person in need
Till everyone is fed

Written in response to a challenge by napowrimo.net and the daily prompt.



Filed under Author- Wendy Vinson, NaPoWriMo

2 responses to “If I Had to Do It Again (part 1)

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