The New Apprentice

Dave looked at the man at the door
He had never seen a wizard before
“Aren’t wizards supposed to wear pointy hats?”
He asked the man standing on the mat

The man looked at the boy and said
“Those hats are something I always dread
They leave me with atrocious hat hair
Straightening it is such a bear.”

The wizard came in and took a seat,
Pulled out a book, didn’t miss a beat
“You’ve a problem with Bogles that’s easy
The things they do can make you queasy

“I have the perfect solution
For all this Bogle pollution
A dash of that a pinch of this
Rolled up in chocolate from the Swiss

“Just place it all on the sink
Next to a glass of milk to drink
The Bogle will enjoy the feast
And take off for somewhere east.”

The Bogle problem now is solved
Things are better for all involved
Dave had learned so much from this
He is now the new apprentice.

Written in response to the daily prompt.


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