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To Garden or Work?

It’s such a beautiful day outside today,
That in the garden I’d like to stay.
But there’s work that needs to be done,
And I’ve little time for fun.
So, inside I must go again,
Like a bear in winter to his den


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I Should Have Said Something

I should have said something
Instead I said nothing
Now I’m left to wonder
Could I have stopped this blunder?
Or would it have happened anyway
Despite what I had to say

The words were in my mouth
I could have let them out
Instead I bit my tongue
And swallowed words that stung
To spare someone’s feelings
That now need some healing

Would it have made it better
If I had broke my fetters?
Or would it have been worse
If I had been adverse?
I guess we’ll never know
Since I was too yellow


Posted in response to the daily prompt.


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Memories of Days Gone By

I’ve enjoyed the days of other-when
With all my good old friends
But today is where I now abide
The past can only be a guide

I truly miss my friends of yore
And all the fun we had before
Those memories are truly golden
And to my friends I am beholden

But life moves on so very fast
That memories are all that last
The things I do with my new friends
I know that they too soon will end

And what today seems sharp and crisp
Will soon be as a will-o-wisp

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The Benefits of a Reel Mower

I cut my grass with a reel mower.
No engine turns the rotors for me.
They turn only because I push the mower.
I need to do this twice a week.

The work is hard, my arms get tired
My heart beats faster than I like
If it’s wet, the wheels get mired
Someday soon I’ll go on strike

But it gets easier as summer goes by
The grass doesn’t seem so tough
I’m not saying it’s as easy as pie
But there’re fewer times I huff and puff

I look in a mirror and see muscles there
My frame is more trim and fit
And no need to give up my éclairs
I should have foreseen this benefit

I should cut grass all year round
It’s cheaper than going to a gym
Even when there’s frost on the ground
Just to keep myself slim

Written in response to the Daily Prompt

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The Magic Door

A book is such a wondrous thing
It takes you anywhere you want to go
It gives you dreams on which to cling
It shows you things you yearn to know

To foreign planets or foreign lands
Or somewhere just around the block
When you’ve a book in your hands
You have the key to every lock

Go back in time through history
To learn about what used to be
Or some far-flung future fantasy
The words will set my mind free

I have my magic door, my time machine
And I feel I can read the author’s mind
I watch it all without being seen
In each book where words are enshrined

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