Dinosaur Technology: Letter Writing

We used to write letters to each other
Saying what was on our minds
Pouring our hearts out onto paper
And carry them with us day after day
Words we heard from our mothers
Treasures we could not elsewhere find
Pull them out when our spirits taper
To set us right when we stray

A letter sent us from our grandpa
Saying that he’s proud of us
A little note found in the post
Telling us to be strong
And always help mom and pa
Reminding us of his faith in us
Little things that meant the most
That would last us all life long

Love letters from our sweethearts
Just a card to say they’re coming home
After being gone a long, long time
Telling us of their deep adoration
How it’s grown in our time apart
And no longer will they roam
That they will spend their lifetime
In a state of undying devotion



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2 responses to “Dinosaur Technology: Letter Writing

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