The Benefits of a Reel Mower

I cut my grass with a reel mower.
No engine turns the rotors for me.
They turn only because I push the mower.
I need to do this twice a week.

The work is hard, my arms get tired
My heart beats faster than I like
If it’s wet, the wheels get mired
Someday soon I’ll go on strike

But it gets easier as summer goes by
The grass doesn’t seem so tough
I’m not saying it’s as easy as pie
But there’re fewer times I huff and puff

I look in a mirror and see muscles there
My frame is more trim and fit
And no need to give up my éclairs
I should have foreseen this benefit

I should cut grass all year round
It’s cheaper than going to a gym
Even when there’s frost on the ground
Just to keep myself slim

Written in response to the Daily Prompt

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Filed under Author- Wendy Vinson, Poetry

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