A Tech Free Day at the Airport

Stuck at the airport
My flight was delayed
I feel discomfort
But hold it at bay

I sit down in a chair
To check my e-mail
The signals not there
I try again to no avail

I’ll move to the door
And try it once more
Perhaps all the metal
Is blocking the signal

What shall I do
With this time on my hands
I’m cut off from the zoo
And all its demands

I look round at others
To see what they do
The sons and the mothers
Stand waiting there too

We try desperately
To connect our devices
Only to be
Cut off from our vices

A muttered phrase there
Another elsewhere
We soon comprehend
We have time on our hands

How shall we behave
Without electronics
The attention we gave
Through all our clicks

Now must go elsewhere
To people around us
To sounds in the air
And all that surrounds us

It starts with hello
And what is your name
This loss is a blow
And I feel the same

As we take a walk
And we start to talk
Of things that we’ve done
And what we do for fun

It goes beyond names
And into hobbies
We start to play games
Right there in the lobbies

Kids play duck, duck, goose
And run around loose
A game of cards
Played with the guards

We pass the time
Telling our stories
Making up rhymes
Ignoring our worries

We make a friend
From another place
And in the end
We find we have grace

Our flight arrives
We hear on the PA
It’s time for goodbyes
And last words to say

We’ve made some friends
We’ve exchanged numbers
But it’s time to end
And return to our slumbers

Our devices will work
At a different location
But today we’ve a smirk
Of true satisfaction


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