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The Gift of Sight

While most would think it heavenly
To see into others minds
I think it would be devilry
To have that gift of sight

To know their inner secrets
All their hopes and fears
The things they most regret
Throughout all their years

All that they cannot admit
Not even to themselves
Yet they find they must submit
To those who wish to delve

That I should know another’s thoughts
Better than they could know their own
To see the things that they forgot
Is an act I can’t condone


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A New Year’s Eve to Remember

Dust off the dance floor
And roll out the barrels
Dance till your feet are sore
And sing all your carols

It’s been a long, long time
Since we’ve had so much fun
I’m telling friends of mine
My work is nearly done

I’ll bring my fiddle
You bring the dulcimer
Sal’ll call some riddles
Franky will fall for her

We’ll have the kind of night
All will remember
It’s gonna be a sight
To end December


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Fearless Fantasies

A girl I knew had trouble reading
Dyslexia had her tied in knots
I watched her try but end up weeping
This was something she couldn’t be taught

She was scared her classmates would find out
I told her not to fret what they said
That in herself she should not doubt
If she tried she’d overcome this dread

I sat next to her and as we worked
She began to regain some self-esteem
She read some words right and up she perked
Together we can build a dream

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Private poetry time

The poems I share
With you out there
Are poems I dare
Offer as my ware

The poems I keep
Home in a heap
Are poems that seep
Into my sleep

Although they abound
They’ll never be found
To be so profound
As others around

They’re simply mine
And I find them fine

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