No Pain, No Gain?

No pain, no gain I say is wrong,
For pain is loss and does upset
The poor, the rich, the weak, the strong.
It gives them each a cause to fret.
And that is not a gain I say
That leaves them with a debt to pay.

Gain can be found without the pain,
And outlast fleeting benefits
Obtained by means you can’t sustain.
The slower way means longer fit.
Good habits come from long practices,
But pain makes one seek poultices



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3 responses to “No Pain, No Gain?

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  2. Also learning the mistakes other have made
    In how to handle and deal with their mistakes
    If ever had to again.
    Taking a look at the best way for you
    Then doing that the right way for your life
    Stop letting others destroy.your life
    As they have done before and to others
    We need to do what we know what’s best
    Not what someone else thinks what’s best

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