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The Right to Say It

Desolation is all around
No consolation to be found

An empty desk before my eyes
Papa est parti.” a young girl cries

Men who twist a Prophets words
Turn sublime into absurd

A soulful journey is undertaken
My faith in man to reawaken

A million candles do I see
Lit in honour of Charlie

Whether or not I agree with what you say, you still have the right to say it.


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Thinking summer, feeling winter

The skies are cold and gray,
The snow refuses to fall
I miss the days of May
And the sound of the red bird’s call

Winter is making me yawn
I long for springtime heat
Walking across the lawn
With flowers at my feet

A gentle wind will blow
While I’m relaxing in the sun
But now I’ve got to go
My toes are feeling numb


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