Writing poetry on demand

Here I sit, pen in hand
Writing poetry on demand
Some is good, some is bad
Depending on what drink I’ve had
Root beer, tea, or ginger ale,
Each of these makes it fizzy
Others make it sound so stale
Weaving words makes me dizzy
Rhyming is a lot of work
Lists of words in your head
Worth it though for a smirk
When the poem at last is read.


April is National Poetry Month.  If you’d like to read poems by other budding poets, honor the folks at NaPoWriMo.net with a visit, and peruse their participants’ sites.



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3 responses to “Writing poetry on demand

  1. Try some extra-bitter IPA !

    (Love the rhyme and lighthearted approach in this one.)

  2. “Writing poetry on demand……depending on what drink I’ve had…..fizzy..” Love it! Love the humor but also the truth in it! I’ve just joined the NaPoWriMo challenge….although I’ve been posting a poem a day since I let my inner voice out! I’m somewhat new to the game….as my About indicates — I’ve entered a new period of Rejuvenatement — definitely not Retirement.
    Hope you’ll drop by and take a peek —
    from Boston where the Globe just reported the city plowed the equivalent of 315,753 miles of snow this season!

  3. Maz

    Very funny… See my words at:

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