Anyone can write something given enough time.  But how well does it turn out when time is limited?

For initial poems and stories, try only fifteen minutes or one hour to see what comes out.  There is no rule saying they cannot be edited later.  Give it a shot…see what happens.

The poems and stories I’ve written for this blog follow that rule.  I welcome any suggestions or prompts that anyone might have for improving my work.  There are two rules:  one is that it must be a clean enough idea that a pre-teen could read it.  The other rule is that it should not unduly offend any race or creed.


5 responses to “About

  1. Interesting! The opposite is also true. I was surprised to find a consensus among published poets about how long it took to write ONE poem. Guess what? It took ONE year, yes, one year on average! See ‘howapoemhappens’ on my blog. 😉

    • I’m not saying a finished, polished poem can be written in fifteen minutes. If you look at mine you will see I’m nowhere near the caliber of Burns or Poe. It is a good idea to return to these poems after some reflection and see if they can be improved. Some of them may become true gems.

  2. I agree. Have you had a look at mine? And have you looked at howapoemhappens? 🙂

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