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Fearless Fantasies

A girl I knew had trouble reading
Dyslexia had her tied in knots
I watched her try but end up weeping
This was something she couldn’t be taught

She was scared her classmates would find out
I told her not to fret what they said
That in herself she should not doubt
If she tried she’d overcome this dread

I sat next to her and as we worked
She began to regain some self-esteem
She read some words right and up she perked
Together we can build a dream


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For Amanda

The talent that she shows
Cannot compare with
The talent that she hides

The wisdom that she knows
Is hidden in the glyphs
Deep within her eyes

Her beauty as it grows
Will be at the heart of myths
Told with hearty sighs

Just listen to the crows
Of her kin and kith
As her trade she plies


Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your graduation!

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