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Someone Else’s Poem

If I were put on the spot and had to recite someone else’s poem, the only one that comes to mind quickly is one I read in a book from the 1800’s.  I don’t know the name of the author.  The poem can speak for itself.

Sin is a beast of such hideous mien
As to be hated needs but to be seen.
But seen too oft familiar its face
We first endure, then pity, then embrace.



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In This Book

In this short book you will find
Attempts at poems on every line
Some for fun some to inspire
And lift you up when you tire
Will you like them, I cannot say
But that you read them I do pray

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A Short Interlude

Quiet fields of green
And the water so clean
Clear, crisp and cool
Flowing gently to a pool.
Warm sunshine on my back.
Following a dirt track
As I take a stroll
So healthy for my soul

Melodies wafting through the air
Recalling friends no longer there
Remind me to return
To get some sweet kisses
From the one who misses
Me during my sojourn.
I’ve run out of time
To wander ‘midst the pine.


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No Thanks, I’ll Pass

There are some things I will not eat
That others think are such a treat
I do not understand their thoughts
What they enjoy leaves me distraught

The morsels they desire most
Are nothing about which to boast
It just does not seem right to me
That these things are delicacies

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Cats and Beans and Sinking Ships

Secrets big and secrets small
Can you keep them secrets all

Cats in bags can get loose
To speed around on go-go-juice
Once they’re out you will find
Your honor has been much maligned

Beans that have spilled on the floor
Can find their own way out the door
To try to bring them back again
Is a fight you’ll never win

Loose lips that let secrets slip
Have been known to sink tight ships
The souls that go to Davy Jones
Will tell of woes that you have sown

Gossip leads to a big fall
So keep your word and stand tall

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